Most part of DAEMON Tools Ultra features are available from the main window of the program. It consists of several blocks:

Main Window

  1. Main Menu provides easy access to the main features, tools and settings of the program.
  2. Tabs show all active wizards. With DAEMON Tools Ultra, you can work with several features simultaneously in order to save your time, and Tabs will help you switch between various active wizards. You can add more tabs using the relevant icon on the right side of this panel, or close any of the opened ones having clicked the cross on the tab. If a tab is active, it is orange. If some wizard is working (an image is being created or a disc is being burned), its progress is shown with green color. When an action is finished, the whole tab is green. If something has gone wrong, you will see a red tab.
  3. Images catalog includes all your favorite image files. To fill it, you can use Scan or add images manually one by one. If you switch between filters in the Selection area (4), the content changes too. Also, all iSCSI servers and targets are shown here.
  4. Selection area helps navigating in Images if you have many of them. Here the custom folders, common filters and remote devices can be chosen.
  5. Using Scan feature above the Images catalog, you can adjust settings and find all needed images from your hard disk to add them to your collection. Search panel will help you find an image in your catalog.
  6. Quick Mount area shows all currently mounted devices — both with images or iSCSI targets. Also, you can mount a new image from this panel.
  7. Using the icons in the upper right corner of the main window, you can minimize or close DAEMON Tools Ultra. Note that since DAEMON Tools Ultra 4, the main program window has a fixed size and so it can't be maximized.