Burning is a process that allows writing image files, data files, music or video files to CD/DVD discs.

CD/DVD emulator is a software that makes virtual drives available for use from operating system.

CD/DVD emulation is a creation of virtual CD/DVD device that imitates the real one.

Disc image is a file that contains the whole data from physical disc and information about its structure and replaces the real optical disc. To use disc image, you need special software — emulator.

iSCSI is Internet Small Computer System Interface, that allows using remote devices like the ones that are connected to your PC.

iSCSI target is a virtual device that is located on iSCSI server.

iSCSI server is a remote storage that gives clients access to certain virtual devices.

Image catalog is a part of DAEMON Tools Ultra functionality that allows saving most favorite and useful images in one place to simplify the access to them.

Image converting is a process that allows transforming the type of image file.

Image creation is a process that allows making virtual copy of physical disc.

Image format is a type of image file.

Image mounting is a process that makes virtual image available for use. This operation is similar to insertion of the physical disc to the physical drive.

Image unmounting is a process of deleting virtual devices. This operation is similar to ejecting the physical disc from the physical drive.

.mdx/.mdf — image file formats, developed by DAEMON Tools team.

VHD is virtual hard disk, the file that contains the whole information and structure of a real hard disc.

Virtual drive is a device that appears to operating system like a real physical drive.