DAEMON Tools Ultra can be installed from the command line or a batch file without user interaction. This type of installation is called the silent installation, and it is usually used for the remote setup of software.

To install DAEMON Tools Ultra in silent mode, you need to run the installation file from the command line and use obligatory /S parameter. Also you can add other parameters to activate the program, to choose the folder for its files or to prevent DAEMON Tools Gadget setup. The full list of parameters is the following:

  • /S — obligatory parameter (case sensitive);
  • /path — optional parameter that defines the path to which DAEMON Tools Ultra will be installed.

Example: dtultra110-0089.exe /S /path "C:\DTUltra"

Don't forget to use quotation marks if path contains spaces.

Note that you can't register a new account during the silent installation. After the program is installed, you will need to enter your account credentials to activate it. If there is no subscription linked to this account, it will be created automatically for a new user.